Dirty Filthy Mouth Holes Vol.1

Released at: June 9, 2010 by Wildlife Productions
These hungry babes and well endowed guys are taking cocksucking to the extreme!! Throat choking massive cocks followed by insane gagging that will have you craving more! Watch some of the most amazing jaw stretching mouth fuckers doing what they do best! And when they're done; these studs shoot gobs of delight right down these cock-crazed babe's throats! You won't want to miss these strange blow jobs...after all - an open mouth is a terrible thing to waste! It's over 90 minutes of freaky sluts deepthroating a massive piece of man meat until they're insatiable appetites are fulfilled.

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Scene1: 00:03:39 - 00:18:47 (15:08)

Scene2: 00:18:48 - 00:34:17 (15:29)

Scene3: 00:34:18 - 00:54:23 (20:05)

Scene4: 00:54:24 - 01:11:49 (17:25)

Scene5: 01:11:50 - 01:29:00 (17:10)