Diviyne and 88 Year Old Man

Released at: October 30, 2020 by Desert Wind Studios
The old guy gets his new caregiver into his bedroom. She did such a good job sucking his cock the day before he wanted another blowjob. Diviyne said she would but wanted to play with her pussy first. Wow! Did she play. She started out using a cute pink toy on her pussy but put it aside to use her fingers. She warned the old guy that she might squirt, oh boy, did she. Could not believe the old man, right after she squirted he went down and licked her wet pussy. The old man is so sick. Just liked she promised, Diviyne sucked on his cock and then got on top of him so he could suck on her pussy as she sucked on his cock. About the only way, the old guy can cum is rubbing his half-hard cock on Diviyne's sweet ass cheeks. So he oiled up her cheeks and his cock, started grinding away and shot a load of hot cum on her ebony ass cheeks. The old man sure does love ebony girls.

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