Doctor Adventures Vol. 13

Released at: August 21, 2012 by Brazzers
Includes ========= Fucking To Avoid Being Fucked -------------------------------------------------------- Ava was called to preform drug tests on all employees. She's heard some stories about Keiran. Ava will thoroughly examine him, and then propose mutually beneficial arrangement; if he makes her happy, she'll make him happy! Patients Without Borders --------------------------------------------- After hitting her head, Katie is brought to the doctor's office for a checkup. The doctor discovers her extreme libido; she's got an insatiable hunger for his cock! Hands On Procedure ---------------------------------------- Angelina and Ramon are a married couple going in for a run of the mill gynecology checkup with Angelina's new doctor, Tory. Seeing the opportunity, Ramon jumps on the fun and finally gets the threesome he has always wanted! Cumatose --------------------- Danny finds himseld in the hospital room but he's not alone. Abbie's ready to give him what he needs to feel better, her juicy dreamy cunt that awakens him for a magnificent fuck that revitalizes him! Your Brain On Orgasm ----------------------------------------- Cytherea is donating an orgasm to science! Dr. Everhard and his team get her all set up and watch as she makes her pussy squirt. After her first orgasm, Dr. Everhard kicks out the other doctors so he can make Cytherea squirts over.

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Katie Kox

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Abbie Cat

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