Dr. West

Released at: June 17, 2012 by Billie West Productions
Dr. West is now home after a long hard day in the ER. She still has her scrub shirt on and her stethoscope. She takes off her doctor sneakers and rubs her tired feet. She really needs a good rub down but there is no one around to help her out. She listens to heartbeat and it starts turning her on. She sits back and gets comfortable and plays with her pussy through her underpants. She sticks them up her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She then pulls them open showing you her hot wet pink pussy. Sticking her fingers in and out she really gets excited. She takes off her scrub shirt and plays with her beautiful breast, then grabs her favorite toy and gives it a good sucking. Then she sticks it way up her pussy and fucks herself to a great orgasm. Then she turns around and shows you her great doctors ass, spreading her cheeks wide open.

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