Dream Girls: Key West Fantasy Fest 2002

Released at: January 6, 2003 by Dream Girls
If you like Mardi Gras, you'll love what we like to call Fantasy Fest direct from Key West -- the southernmost party spot in the U.S. From quick flashes to walking around totally nude, this "Festival of Flesh" has something for every voyeur. And after all these years, we're still amazed what a girl will do, just for beads! You'll see for yourself how willing these women get when they leave their inhibitions behind at the 7-mile bridge! See non-stop action of women parading through the streets, shops, alleyways, and parking lots topless, bottomless, painted, and on display for all to see. The DreamGirls collection is not complete without experiencing how we uncover this annual party!! Don't blame us if you see your sister or neighbor showing it all in the streets, balconies, hallways, stairwells, and corridors of Key West. This is all the action with no filler -- flash after flash!!

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