Dream Girls: Real Adventures 55

Released at: September 24, 2003 by Dream Girls
**Skin-To-Win!** Youll be front row center checking out AMerica's hottest Spring Break cuties in 2 'no-holds-barred' wet-t-shirt contests!! **Wild in Public!** Girls flashing on cmapus at the library, in a classroom, at a golf course and masturbating in an art gallery...and more! **Shake That Boody!** Cast your vote for "Best Ass of the Month". You'll see some incredible bouncing butts in a smokin' Booty-Shake contest. **Mardi Gras!** Mardi Gras is America's greatest street party. We're always amazed what a girl wll do just for beads! **Night Club Flashers!** Saturday night...hot babes dancing on bars and getting naked in VIP rooms and DJ booths!! **Behind the Scenes!** We coaxed 6 innocent amateur right into the back room for those 'private views'! **Up the Skirt!** Ever wonder if that girl in the nightclub has panties on? PantyMan has the answers!

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