Ebony Affairs

Released at: August 2, 2019 by Raw Attack
The silky soft skin and luscious lips of these four ebony Godesses will capture your soul and take you on a journey from where there is no return! Daizy Cooper is fucked in the living room and kitchen before her cotton candy hair is complemented by a facefull of jizz. Honey Gold will talks dirty the harder her greedy cunt is drilled! Nia Nacci gets fucked all over the house before she's covered in goo while Sizi Sev plays with her pretty, shaved mound before she's filled and drilled!

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Scene1: 00:01:59 - 00:38:42 (36:43)

Scene2: 00:38:44 - 01:41:12 (1:02:28)


Honey Gold

Scene3: 01:41:14 - 02:36:20 (55:06)


Nia Nacci

Scene4: 02:36:23 - 03:23:11 (46:48)


Sizi Sev