Ebony & Ivory Muscle Heat Up

Released at: July 12, 2014 by Iron Belles
Naadia is interviewing muscle girlz for a very important movie role for her video production company. In walks Emery Miller in contest prep shape and she proceeds to show Naadia her magnificent physique. Naadia's internal instincts are awakened and she goes up to Emery and proceeds to touchy feely Emery's awesome muscles! Well both women are immediately attracted to each other and they start to worship and kiss on each other, biceps, glutes, abs. The two women cannot contain each other in total clothing anymore. Then strip each others' bikini tops off and continue worshipping each others' muscular physiques. Emery tells Naadia that she is really good at "floor work", after all she is from Floooor-i-da!!! The girls go down on the floor and start to really get into each others' personas! Muscle pussy never tasted better than when it's ebony and ivory muscle pussy eating back and forth, exposed clits all over the place, touching and kissing and worshipping each other. Oh my! This is one hot video of great muscle and clit put together!

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