Ebony In Ivory Vol. 3

Released at: June 16, 2014 by Homegrown Video
Cali Houston - D-Wise gives his big hard cock a ride right into Cali's wet pussy and tight asshole! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cali Houston is surprised that D-Wise hit on her at work because she typically does not get hit on by younger, black men, but D-Wise's has an appetite for a classy older woman. And Cali has a good idea of what she wants too, and she sees it getting hard in D-Wise's pants! It doesn't take long before D-Wise has his big hard cock in Cali's wet pussy and tight asshole. And she loves it! This interracial ass and pussy slamming cums to a sticky conclusion when Cali slowly milks every drop of cum out of D-Wise's cock onto her ass! Kristen Jordan - A hot interracial pussy and ass pounding featuring sexy Kristen! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After shooting some sexy still photos, Kristen, wearing her sexy red gloves, starts masturbating with her dildo and massaging her pretty wet pussy lips. After some warm-up, Jay puts his big cock inside her and you can see her pussy juices all over his shaft. But what Kristen really wants is some anal play, so Jay starts to bang away at her tight little asshole. Jay dumps a creampie inside and all over Kristen's beautiful ass and pussy lips, but he isn't done yet. After more cock sucking, Jay drops a second sticky load all over her pretty face! Krystal - This sexy threesome say, it's a delicious "chocolate-vanilla swirl" & they don't mind sharing! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After some hot girl-girl kissing action, Brannon Rhodes and his big black cock come out and Krystal shows her cock-sucking skills. It doesn't take long for Lizzie to get in on the 3-some action. She starts working Brannon's balls while Krystal swallows Brannon's hard shaft. They don't mind sharing, and when all good things cum to an end on Lizzie's beautiful ass and Krystal's face, Lizzie gets her taste of the reward by licking it off. As the three of them say its' a delicious "chocolate-vanilla swirl", and we hope you will enjoy this sexy interracial trio as much as we did! Lacey - He says he loves white pussy and can't live without it, and she says she loves black dick! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Theses two don't' waste any time getting to business. Lacey takes her clothes off and you can see her eyes staring at Marcus' crotch, eager to get plowed by his huge black shaft. She says her pussy is tight, but any pussy is tight when you try to stuff Marcus' big meat stick inside it! He says he loves white pussy and can't live without it, and she says she loves black dick. It's pure interracial passion leading up to a cum explosion all over Lacey's face. We hope you'll enjoy this scene as much as we did!

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