Ebony On Ivory

Released at: February 24, 2023 by Trample Babes
As we open this installment of underfoot theatre, it quickly becomes painfully obvious to our slave that these Sista's are doing it for themselves! That's right...These 5 Nubian goddesses form a 700 lb ass whupping committee and dish out a 10 footed beat down to our resident carpet boy slave tread and soon his rib cage is groaning and creaking under the non-stop trample assault. Lots of multi-girl action in this one, as the girls constantly use their combined weight to compress tread's skull and internal organs, stopping every now and then to let him tongue bathe their feet and toes. Headstanding, facestanding, throatstanding, foot worship, it's all here, so sit down, relax, and watch these gorgeous lasses treat tread the way he was meant to be treated. Overwhelmed and Underfoot!

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