Eighteen & D.P.'d

Released at: September 1, 2000 by Sin City
Coffee sales dip as fad diet sweeps college campus; curvy coeds going crazy for cum: "It's hot, fresh, and completely organic!" Clever cutie keeps boyfriend faithful, "I figure if he's out of jizz, he's out of business." Horny model actually aches for anal action! Kimi - "My butthole gets an itch that only his dick can scratch!" Beauty compelled to do bizarre alien sex acts! "They made me do unspeakable things..." "I loved every minute of it!" Kimiji: "My boyfriends were always getting jealous. Now everyone is happy!" Dig those crazy stunt cocks: plastic pricks take Hollywood by storm! "He told me to go fuck myself, so I did" "What's not to like? He stays hard all night, and he doesn't snore!"

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