Ella Nova's Ass Slave

Released at: February 5, 2021 by Girl Bullies
Ella Nova has a strange hobby for one of the most popular girls on campus- make shy losers believe she wants a date and then turning them into her little butt boys! Scrawny little Sammy is such an easy target, he almost squirts in his shorts when Ella says "Hey" to him. She invites herself over to his house and with-in five minutes of arriving, she convinces Sammy to strip completely naked and masturbate for her. He is terrified to take off all his clothes in front of a hot girl but she promises him a "special surprise" if he plays along. Of course, Ella keeps all her clothes on until she can blindfold Sammy. Sammy desperately wants to believe Ella is into him so he blindly puckers up for his first kiss... and gets the most humiliating twenty minutes of his life instead. Turns out that Ella's plans for their date only include ass worship and small penis selfies! Ella even calls a friend to talk about making Sam her personal ass licker while she sits on his face. Ella does keep her promise though, and before she leaves, Sammy gets a very special and very wet surprise. On their first date, Ella tricked Sam into making out with her ass and she has kept him as her small cocked, butt sniffing sissy boy ever since. Ella will even show up to his house unannounced whenever she wants to get her ass worshipped or watch him squirm with embarrassment while she makes fun of his dick. Unfortunately for poor Sam, Ella drops by one day when he is getting some fitness tips from his hot neighbor that he has been drooling over for years. Sam is terrified when he sees Ella and for good reason since she is absolutely thrilled at the chance to humiliate Sam in front of this sporty MILF! Barely two minutes pass after Sam introduces Ella to his neighbor Penny before Ella has him kissing her ass over jeans right in front of his crush. Sam tries to fight for his dignity but the little wuss still ends up on his knees with his face buried in Ella's denim-covered butt while tells the story of how he became her personal ass licking slave. Once she finishes showing off her total control over Sam, Ella offers to make him give Penny's butt a post-workout tongue bath for the low price of $5. Ella does have some pity for Sam though, so after renting out his mouth she gives his hilarious little boner some attention!

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