Employment Welts & A Bureaucratic Spanking

Released at: January 4, 2019 by California Star Productions
The Buckle brothers are delighted to welcome their new employee to the world of landscape gardening. She's beautiful but it seems her work papers aren't quite in order to stay in the country so she must do as they ask. Taking turns the brothers pull her panties down and spank her bottom. Humiliated by the strapping and caning red welts appear on her soft skin. This will be the most perfect climate for the brothers! And in "A Bureaucratic Spanking" Dublin, the chief dominatrix is called before the council to explain some of her actions. The official is a keen exponent of the cane sympathizes with her problems. After giving her a hard spanking he decides to do her a favor. He buries the paperwork under all of the other council's documentation insuring her a few more months of existence.

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