English Discipline Series - Property Punishment

Released at: May 22, 2009 by California Star Productions
While perusing the latest property magazines, Sam and Nina are interrupted by an Estate Agent concerning their mortgage records. Although they are breaking the mortgage laws, Sami is no stranger to getting away with this and has made an arrangement with the building society manager and insists that they might be able to perform sexual favors for the Estate Agent. Having never been spanked before, Nina and Sam are quite nervous as the Agent dashes out to collect her tools. Nina is first to be punished by a firm hand spanking, and it is not long before her eyes are red as her firm bottom. Sam is furious over the treatment of her friend, but nonetheless she takes her place over the knee of the Agent and is treated to a beating. As she is a contortionist she is put in extremely unusual positions and the punishment she receives by spanking and caning is most severe. ** Bonus Footage Included**

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