English Punishment Series #33

Released at: December 16, 2007 by California Star Productions
"Schoolgirl Classic" "The Class of 2002" About a trio of beautiful girls who are caught truant and disciplined with leather paddles and canes. These girls' behaviors will definitely be modified before the school day is over. Schoolgirl Classics: February 21, 2003. In "Mistaken Punishment", Catelin is mistakenly punished when Mrs. Hodges believes her to be lying about her involvement with her husband. When the truth is told, Mrs. Hodges receives a caning by the infamous Lady Vernon. Mistaken Punishment: November 28, 2002. In "Fingered by Matron" When McCloud is humiliated by a spanking by the school matron, she swears to get even. Her chance comes when she find the matron and another college girl, Jordan, in a suspicious fondling session. It's either their turn to suffer a spanking session or be ratted out by the school's headmistress! Fingered By Matron: January 23, 2003. "Caned Into The Record Books" Holly, Rachel, and Lucy are bored in detention hall. Rachel suggests that she find out which of the two can take more spankings and canings. It seems the record is five times in one day. And she is willing to try and beat the record books! Caned Into The Record Books: January 30, 2003. In "Final Selections #2" Pete and Natasha have almost completed their auditions for the UK's new singing Idol. Natalie, however, must suffer Pete's corporal punishment before moving to the next level. She eagerly submits to his paddles and cane! Final Selections #2: September 30, 2002.

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