English Punishment Series 7

Released at: January 19, 2008 by California Star Productions
**Bottom Price** - The attractive Manager sends them to the training room for what she considers is a fair and just punishment. The girls feel humiliated when it is time to bare their bottoms in front of their superior for a hand spanking. The store policy for many years is that persistent offenders receive a hard beating with the paddle, which distresses the impertinent young women even more. But wait... once that is finished, the cane is brought out and is used quite effectively on the naughty Asian girls already sore bottom. **Pert Little Bottom** - The owner of a successful advertising firm becomes irate when a pair of his secretaries crash his newest and most expensive computer program. There is no alternative in his mind than to beat the young women's attractive bottoms until they become as red as his face has gone. The secretaries are stripped naked and given spankings, followed with severe canings. Mr. Limplock then feels confident that reparations have been administered. **Well Done Lavinia** - When the two young women that Lavinia appoints to handle an important wine tasting party do a shoddy job, she must persuade them to undergo a discipline lesson with their employer. If she is unsuccessful, she will lose her well-paying job. She hopes that her powers of persuasion are strong enough to relieve them of their overcoats and then prepare them for the inevitable hard thrashing they must endure at the hands of Mr. Van Dreisen and his trusty cane. **Working Girl** - The job foreman is furious! Not only are his deadlines looming, he has to put up with a useless, irresponsible employee and deal with the animosity of the rest of the crew. She is the boss's daughter, earns as much as they do and doesn't have to do anything. She is late again today so he bends her over his workbench for a hard spanking on her smooth, large ass. And even after he threatens her with continued sessions like this if he finds her slacking off later in the day. So the cane is brought out for a severe thrashing of her bare ass. **True Artist** - A local artist has won a lucrative contract to paint a series of pictures for a wealthy Arab. The scenes depicting beautiful young women being disciplined by spanking and caning are intended to decorate his harem. Models are brought in to pose for the paintings but are somewhat shocked when asked to perform the task for real. You see, the artist just can't get a feel for the subject unless he sees the glowing red skin and inevitable welts from the painful punishment administered on their bottoms.

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