English Punishment Series Volume 19

Released at: January 22, 2008 by California Star Productions
Our most recent English Punishment Compilation video, this contains some of our most interesting scenes from the following five videos: "The Game Warden:" When a young woman goes astray regarding the strict regulation concerning lighting fires in the back woods, the Game Wardens are anything but understanding when they deal out a strict hand of bottom canings. "Canning Engagement:" Brian and his lovely fiancée Devina are nothing but blissful at their impending marriage until he learns she had an affair with the caterer. Not willing to call it quits he swiftly administers a quick brand of justice of his own. This time is a lesson of caning her bare bottom. "Irreparable Damage:" two apprentice French polishers are horrified to learn from the mistress of the house that they were using improper wax to polish her very expensive table. Of course the blotches on the table are far cry from the blotches on the bottoms of these unsuspecting women. "Meter beating:" a routine inspection of an apartment complex finds two tenants that have been tampering with their gas meter. The female inspector, not one to be mettled with administers a hard turn with the cane and tawse. And she knows these girls wont say a thing to the police, since both are currently on probations. And last, "Caned at Desperation Point:" when there is a lack of job opportunities at a local dance club, the unscrupulous boss takes advantage of all his prospective dancers by having them agree to a caning and spanking before he will even consider them for a regular dance job.

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