Episode 13: Penelope Kay

Released at: September 14, 2023 by Real Life XXX
Welcome to Real Life XXX, The first ever game/reality show that takes your favorite XXX stars and shows you more than just their bed side manner (if you get what we mean ;) Watch as we have XXX stars compete in daily challenges, games, adventures, etc. just like your favorite Youtube and social media stars! If gives pornstars the best a place in the modern entertainment world. Only Real Performers, Only Real People, Only Real Life XXX. Episode 13 had this crazy coincidence of losing things. Whether we were losing napkins and traveling all around Vegas to find it, or losing ourselves in the amazing body/persona of Penelope Kay, you could say we didnt mind getting lost ;) Episode 13 did not only include Real Life XXXs first Episode in Los Vegas, Nevada as we travelled around and saw all the sights with Penelope, but it also included some amazing XXX action that was about asa cute and fun as an XXX scene can get. Penelopes bubbly personality, heart, and positivity made this Episode of Real Life XXX one of our favorites to date

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