Exotica Erotika

Released at: April 14, 2000 by Ed Powers Productions
Think about the word "Porn Star" and what image comes to mind? Bleach-blonde hair and fake tits? All too often, my favorite types of women are overlooked in adult movies - hot, spicy Latina girls; beautiful, soulful women of color; and sweet exotic women of color; and sweet exotic women of Asian descent. In this series I bring together women of all races , colors and creeds who have one thing in common - they love to fuck! Phillip volunteers his wife Claudia to kick off the series by getting it from me in a BIG way! Cute blonde Monti joins in and Phillip gets to fuck her while his wife looks on and encourages him! Right On! You haven't seen lesbian sex till you've seen lesbian Latina sex! Statuesque Tina Coronado and lovely Vanessa go off on each other! You don't don't' want to miss this! I throw them Ed as an appetizer, and after they quickly devour him, I offer myself as the main course. They attack me with sexual hunger and enthusiasm! It's Hot! Mia Smiles is so cute & little - how could she possibly take me on? Maybe it's a sexual secret from the Orient, but somehow she manages to fit me inside of her. The faceless fan is ready, willing and able, so I steer him toward Isabella and Satina, two very fiery Latinas who give him a run for his money and the time of his life! So check it out, it's all here for you on a high-quality DVD, and watch for more! -Jake Steed

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