Facesitters In Heat Volume 17

Released at: November 14, 2020 by Roman Video
Scene One - Asian Mistress Asa Akira lets her ASS do the talking in the first half of our face busting double feature as she rides slave Vladi's face relentlessly, grinding and twisting her asshole against his submissive lips and tongue for HER OWN PLEASURE! Back and forth she makes him alternate between her pussy and her ass, not caring whatsoever about his inability to breathe, her only concern being the amount of ORGASMS her pathetic slave can bring her to. She continues to SMOTHER him forward and reverse under her ASS as he gasps for each breath, riding his face to ORGASM after ORGASM until she rolls over and makes him gently tongue her ass while she falls asleep. Scene Two -BIG BOOTY Mistress Kelly Divine has just the ASS to break in her new slave, and break him she does, her BIG BUBBLE BUTT ASS crushing every inch of his spirit as well as his face as she literally POUNDS his face over and over again under her FULL WEIGHT. Bubba tries to complain and struggle but it does no good as Kelly's ASS buries him deep under her soft ass cheeks, his nose and mouth only being allowed to breath for further ass worship and face smothering. Her enormous ASS CHEEKS engulf his face burying him as she bounces up and down on his tongue, making him lick her ass crack and pussy as she ORGASMS over and over! She spreads her big butt cheeks wide to envelope his face as she lowers them down onto his head. Forward and reverse she mounts his face, her PUSSY and ASS smashing against his lips over and over again in an orgy of ASS WORSHIPPING euphoria, her FULL WEIGHT bearing down upon him, his neck muscles straining to hold her as she makes him PLEASURE HER NON STOP until she rides his FACE to MULTIPLE earth shattering CLIMAXES!

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Scene1: 00:01:20 - 00:23:37 (22:17)


Asa Akira

Scene2: 00:23:45 - 00:45:18 (21:33)