Facesitting Felines

Released at: February 4, 2014 by Roman Video
Part 1: Mistress Jewel Marceau is testing the limits of her new slave by sitting on his face while reading a magazine and enjoying herself. She puts his head under her ass on the couch and begins to TIME how long he can hold his breath, meanwhile rubbing her pussy and tits moaning in pleasure as he struggles for air! Jewel pinches his nipples while FACESITTING him, making him writhe in pain and pleasure. After he fails to stay under her ass for even 30 seconds, she FACESLAPS HIM HARD, repeatedly until he admits what a loser he is and in order to continue to be her slave, he has to go practice holding his breath for at least 60 seconds! Jewel wants her ASS WORSHIPPED so she grabs his hair and leans against the wall and sticks her ass out and says KISS MY ASS! LICK IT YOU WORM! She grabs his hair and sticks his face DEEP INTO HER ASS and makes him lick and KISS her ass thoroughly!! Jewel takes the slave to the bed and begins to DEEP FACESIT him, forward and reverse and TIT SMOTHERING HIM with her huge beautiful breasts, sticking both her tits into his face! Watch Jewel MOAN IN PLEASURE while she smothers the slave, grinding her pussy and ass against his face until she has an EXPLOSIVE ORGASM! Finally, the last 5 minutes of the video is an EXTENDED POINT OF VIEW where Jewel talks directly at you telling you to WORSHIP HER ASS and KISS IT, sticking it directly into the camera! List to how she will turn YOU into her ass kissing slave and how she now OWNS YOU! This scene will blow your was everytime! Hot verbal humiliation only Jewel Marceau can dish out like NO OTHER! Part 2: Tall Goddess lost all her money in the high tech stock market crash and she is out for REVENGE on her retarded stock broker, Huey who may have made his last commission - ever! Tall Goddess calls Huey over for an explanation of what happened to all her money and after hearing his pathetic excuses, she decides she is going to take out all her anger and frustration on him by SMOTHERING him and FACESITTING him until he literally changes careers! She throws him down on the bed and begins to ASSAULT HIS FACE with her deadly ASS, smothering him with sexy black latex panties in FORWARD AND REVERSE positions, making him gasp for last breath! She then turns over and begins to SLAP HIS FACE so hard, the echoes bounce off the wall and literally crack the camera! She makes him confess to having lost all his money, but Huey continually tries to reassure her that the market will bounce back in a few more months, but Tall Goddess is not buying any of it! She continues to smother him MOANING and rubbing her pussy and ass on his face while he struggles for every last breath. As she is smothering the slave, she LOOKS DIRECTLY AT YOU and asks What the hell are you looking at, stroking that pathetic joke of a cock?!! She tells you to get down on your knees and KISS AND WORSHIP HER ASS as she comes straight down onto the camera, putting you right up there in between her ass cheeks and tits! We know youll be rewinding this scene for years to CUM. Finally, after she has obtained the satisfaction and pleasure from this slave, she gets on her hands and knees and tells him to massage baby oil onto her ass cheeks and WORSHIP AND KISS HER ASS, making him lick it gently and softly. Again, camera angles put you right there with her as she commands you to lick and kiss her ass!

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