Fake Agent UK Presents - Eva

Released at: June 30, 2020 by Fake Agent UK Clips
I've had a few girls coming back to me for second helpings lately, and a few of them coming to conclusions why I couldn't get them work. Namely, they originally didn't do anal, but are willing to give it a try now.As you know I'm an arse man through and through, so the idea of getting some sweet anal action was most appealing, especially when an arse like Eva's is put on the table. I'd like to spread bbq sauce all over that sweet arse and lick it till the cows came home. Peach of an arse. I wasted no time and first got to work on her pussy with some digits. Then I got her to lick my arse out, which I must say she ate away like a focused little beaver. Then after much pussy fucking I got to work on her arse. God it was tight, and took quite a bit of persuading to get the general wedged in there. But once it was in there I didn't want to take it out. Home sweet home... but then the inevitable happened... My white army began the rise to helmet mountain, and before I knew it and was blowing squadrons of cum all over her pretty face. Job done.

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