Fake Agent UK Presents - Yasmina

Released at: May 15, 2015 by Fake Agent UK Clips
When you're in need of a few more bucks than usual, you'll just about do anything. Take a look at this bird Yasmina, for instance. She came to me seeing if she could make some money on the side doing modeling work. Well love, you came to the wrong office, all you got was the fuck of your life from an experienced hand. Anyway, after I blew her mind with the prospect of earning 2 large, a day, minimum, she was ready to spread her legs really wide. After getting her to work on herself I got her to work on my main vein and boy does she know her way around a cock. She gave one hell of a blowjob, good girl. With this one I thought there was going to be no fucking about and I got my cock stuck right into the action. Fucking her from behind, getting her to ride me, missionary. I got my pennies worth out of this one. As I was fucking her I did notice she seemed like the type of girl that would cum given the chance so I whipped my cock out and got my magic fingers to work. Now I wasn't quite expecting what happened next. After what seemed like a matter of seconds she let out some squeals of passion and squirted pussy juice all over my fucking hands. I mean drenched, my sofa was fucking soaked. Squirted cum everywhere. Fuck it I thought, now it's my turn to cum and squirted my own cum load right over her glasses and face. Mission accomplished. Enjoy. -- Fake Agent UK

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