Fake Agent UK Vol. 12

Released at: April 12, 2022 by Fake Agent UK
Normally I don't give any wiggle room on late-comers, but today's appointment Rebecca Brooke was so sexy I couldn't help myself, I let her off the hook for strolling in ten minutes late! I was already drooling before our interview started, my eyes were glued to the curves of her thick body. Turns out Rebecca was no stranger to sex work, and was eager to get work in UK porn shoots. Without skipping a beat, Rebecca pulled off her black dress and stripped out of her underwear, so I could see her perky, natural boobs. Rebecca bent over and spread her luscious ass cheeks, giving me a peek at her pussy and flawless butthole from behind. Rebecca was a bit new to handling such a big cock, she gagged as she tried to deepthroat it. Watch how Rebecca popped her porn cherry in my office with an amateur casting couch porn that will leave you reaching for the tissues in no time!

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Rina Ellis

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