Fake Cop Presents - Proxy Paige

Released at: October 11, 2017 by Fake Cop Clips
It's not often I book people for public indecency, but walking my night patrol, I spotted this woman doing her dishes topless, right in front of her window where anyone walking by could see! As an officer of the law, I just had to knock on her door and say something, and would you believe she answered it with her breasts out? I asked if I could come in and have a little chat, and Proxy Paige turned on her bubbly, seductive charm and pulled down her panties to flash me her pussy. The dirty girl could see that my cock was straining against my pants, and desperate to spend a bit of time in her mouth. While Proxy was sucking on my cock, she told me that she was from America and that she loved being fucked in her big juicy ass. I soon had my hard dick sliding in and out of this American slut's booty until she gaped wide.

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