FakeHub Originals Vol. 7

Released at: July 20, 2021 by FakeHub Originals
Katy Pearl, award wining porn producer, writer, director, and more, invites a documentary camera crew for a special backstage peek at the Fake Porn Shoot! Walking through the set, the crew is introduced to some zany characters like Martin, Kimbo the Camera Man, and Lady D, who tries to take a shower, but can't because the shower is broken. Charlie Red and Mary Rock are getting ready for their scene, but the male talent is late! The doorbell rings, and Katy ushers the man to the set amidst his protests that he's simply a handyman. Charlie and Mary gets to sucking Steve the Handyman's cock, then pull his face into their waiting pussies so he can taste their juices and eat their asses! Steve fucks both pornstars as they suck each other's tits, then wank him to double facial.

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