Fancy Cum Eaters

Released at: April 19, 2022 by X-Core Cinema
It's not just cheap girls who are hungry for cum. Sometimes the more classy kind of chick can have a very similar appetite - if not indeed even more so. Girls like Tamara Grace and Louise Jenson, who will literally go to any length to drain every last drop of jizz from each and every sac of balls that cums their way. Needless to say, that involves getting raunchy right from the off, feasting on one throbbing knob after the next and working inch after inch like their very lives depend on it. Or at least next month's rent! The result is exactly the kind of top-notch, classy filth that will have you working your own cock like fury; as holes get stuffed to the brim, and you unload your own pent-up load of appreciative jizz in return!

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