Fashionistas, The

Released at: January 6, 2003 by Evil Angel
AVN Top 500 2003 AVN Award Winner for Best Film 2013 XRCO Hall of Fame Inductee plus Winner of 10 AVN Awards including: 2003 AVN Award Winner for Best Director 2003 AVN Award Winner for Best Actress: Taylor St. Claire 2003 AVN Award Winner for Best Editing - Film: Tricia Devereaux & John Stagliano 2002 XRCO Award Winner for Best Film 2002 XRCO Award Winner for Best Director Legendary director John Stagliano crafted what many consider to be one of the best adult films ever made. He shot it on 35mm film with very high production standards and a budget to match. It was an ambitious project that was to create an erotic experience as much as a movie. It was not intended for the novice or casual viewer of adult films. Ironically, the release of Fashionistas became an unparalleled event and a milestone in the adult entertainment industry. Fashionistas went on to win 10 AVN awards that year and even spawned a highly successful, critically acclaimed Las Vegas stage show that ran on the Vegas strip for four years reaching a larger and more pervasive audience than the normal adult fare. This is a very high budget adult film with extensive story/action sequences, exquisite wardrobe, and cutting-edge, full-length, very hard sex scenes. There are also several full-on S&M scenes with very real action. These elements fit together in a dramatic mystery love story that takes our lead character Antonio (Rocco Siffredi), an Italian fashion designer, on a wild sexual ride into the underground S&M scene. His guide is Helena (portrayed by real-life dominant, Taylor St. Clair). His phantom obsession is Jesse (Belladonna, a woman with the most incredible sexual abilities I've ever seen). Shot on 35mm film, with the lighting and production elements of a mainstream motion picture, this is by far my most ambitious project. It is a highly charged erotic experience, not intended for the novice porno viewer. -- John Stagliano

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Kate Frost

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