Faye Runaway vs. 29 Loads

Released at: December 11, 2017 by Brandon Iron Productions Clips
I met Faye when a mutual friend introduced her to me. The friend wanted to fuck her and promised her a bunch of work, placing a lot of pressure on himself to deliver. My slick silver tongue bargained hard with her and convinced her that she could fuck her friend and earn an immediate payday if she would be so kind as to do a bukkake, too. I was the most surprised person in the room when she agreed! Faye serviced 29 cocks in total, and I was fortunate to be the lead one. She ate my load with ease and the next night the bukkake party went down at a nearby studio in Canoga Park, California. She returned once more to swallow 4 more loads, finding herself in yet another sticky situation. The takeaway lesson I learned from this tattooed teen freak? Never underestimate a newbie's cumslut potential. She just might be a bigger pervert than you are

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