Female Agent Presents - Anna & Meggie

Released at: November 2, 2017 by Female Agent Clips
This slim beauty walked in with a winning smile and a beautiful figure that made my hands twitch with desire as I wanted to unwrap her like a gift. She told me that she wanted to do modelling work and had some experience including doing nude shoots. I began the interview properly and after learning more about her, I asked her if she could do shoots with other people. She said as she had a boyfriend she'd need to know more about who it was with, etc. I decided to take her mind of her boyfriend by asking to see her figure. My eyes drank in her slim body as she took her clothes off and I knew I would love to see her gorgeous face looking up at me as she licked my pussy. I asked if she had done any videos before and she replied that she had. So, I decided to make my offer. I told her that if she had sex with me, I could see what she was good at and fast track her a lot of work. It didn't take long for her to agree and I walked straight over to the couch, sat down and got her to start licking my pussy. Considering this was her first time, she was very good at licking pussy and my body was convulsing with pleasure. I wanted a better position for deeper penetration however, so I got on all fours and she finger fucked and licked my pussy to a breathtaking orgasm. It was my turn to pleasure her now and I had a treat in store for her. She had a very hairy pussy, that you don't see a lot of these days, and I got my favorite dildo and slowly slid it into her. As I fucked her with the dildo, the more excited she got, the wetter she became. You could see the droplets of her excitement on the her pubic hairs that framed her tight mound. After some expert hand movements, she was soon arching her back with pleasure as the orgasm coursed through and shook her entire body. A delightful casting with a slim beauty and her hairy pussy. -- Female Agent

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