Femorg: Chloe Lovette

Released at: May 19, 2014 by Femorg
Twenty three year old brunette babe Chloe Lovette did a solo orgasm shoot for us! You may remember Chloe - she did a three girl side-by-side masturbation to orgasm scene with AxaJay and Shay Hendrix for us not too long ago. And it didn't take us long to fall for this natural breasted, perky nippled, bootifully gifted, well maintained babe then - check out her incredibly large and luscious labia ;-) Chloe is looking terribly sexy and all grown up as she is about to head out for the night. She is wearing a bright pink dress and killer black high heels. She is horny though, thinking it might be best to take care of personal business before heading out. She lies back on the sofa, letting the skirt ride up, revealing her white panties. She sits up on the sofa, lifting the pink sheath off over her head. Chloe is now wearing her white satin with black trimmed lingerie and the black high heels, sitting on the sofa and fondling herself. Chloe has a very nice body, with small, natural breasts. She is chatty as she lies back on the sofa, pulling her panties to the side to play with her pussy. She fires up the magic wand to have a little tease with her pretty panties still covering her pussy. The teasing doesn't last long as Chloe removes the bra and panties. When we see her luscious labia, Chloe's mound is trimmed close and the sides are bare. She fingers rubs her large clit and labia while she works the magic wand on low power on one perky nipple. It's not long until the magic wand makes it's way down to Chloe's clit and pussy as she sits back on the sofa. She is naked, except for the high heels. Chloe loves the magic wand and she hisses, pants and rides that powerful toy quite nicely. It's not long before a tremendous sex flush spreads across Chloe's face and upper body and then she is softly moaning and she cums! Her foot is semi in front of her pussy, but even with the placement, we can still make out a series of nice, soft, pussy contractions. And Chloe has a little smile spread across her face after that one. She turns off the toy, lying back on the sofa noting that she may not even make it out tonight after that one! Her pussy is pink, her clit is swollen and her nipples are perky! Chloe is now lounging in her bedroom. She's a chatty one - relaying her desires and horniness for us. Chloe is clad in the tiniest pair of short shorts ever seen with blue knee-high stockings and a red tank top. Chloe fondles her body, turning onto her tummy at one point to stroke her bottom, legs and thighs. Chloe kneels on the bed, lifting the red tank top off over her head. She is wearing a blue satin bra trimmed with black lace. She tosses the tank top to the floor, still kneeling on the bed to play with her perky, natural, breasts. Next her bra is unfastened and tossed, then she peels off those tiny shorts. She leans back, slipping her hand into her blue satin panties. Chloe pulls the panties aside, exposing her large pussy lips as she massages herself. Chloe's legs go into the air as she peels off the blue panties. Chloe works herself with a slow finger warm-up, licking her fingers and rubbing her pussy before she turns on her magic wand. With the toy on high power, Chloe rocks her hips up and down, softly moaning. Her perky nipple is visible in the background, too. It's not long before Chloe lets out a louder moan, shaking, twitching and quivering as she cums. Chloe goes and goes, riding the toy for as long as can. Her feet point out and her toes are curling. She turns off the magic wand, catching her breath as she rolls over on the bed. She really does have a nice body. She sighs as the camera pans over for a close-up of her luscious labia. Twenty three year old Chloe looks every bit her age in white, green and pink high tops, a short faded denim skirt and a pink tank top. She is seated in a brown leather chair. Once more, Chloe is chatting with us, letting us know that she's had a rough day today and that she is thinking of treating herself with a little private masturbation and orgasm time. Her skirt hikes higher up her legs and tummy and we catch a nice glimpse of pink and white polka dotted panties. She pulls down the tank top to fondle her small, natural breasts and very perky nipples as she drapes her leg across the table top. Chloe kicks off her high top tennis shoes, then places her leg back up on the table to continue her play. She turns on a silver bullet vibe, working the buzzer on her perky nips. She runs the toy down her inner thigh, also, noting how nice it feels. She turns off the toy to take off her top completely. Chloe then stands up to unbutton the denim skirt and slowly take that off, turning her very shapely backside to the camera. She kneels backward in the chair, exclaiming there's "nothing like touching myself after a hard day. Oh, god, I'm so horny!" She stands once more, to peel off the pretty panties, sitting back and crossing her feet. Chloe is now naked in the chair, with one leg resting on the table as she finger rubs her pussy. She really does have thick, meaty labia. After her finger warm-up, Chloe turns on the silver bullet vibe once again, murmuring how she hopes her roommate doesn't come back to the apartment anytime soon. Chloe dangles the buzzing vibrator over her large clitoris, "teasing". She increases the intensity of the toy as the camera moves in for a close-up of her pussy. Chloe tosses her head back, moaning in ecstasy as her chest reddens and she enjoys another nice orgasm. Once she is finished, she turns off the toy, giggling to herself, noting that she hopes her roommate leaves the toy out again in the future. Chloe looks very sexy in short blue dress, complete with black lace thigh-high stockings and a sexy pair of red panties peeking from beneath her dress. She comments that she knows her dress is a bit too short as she leans over a dressing table to show off her backside in the red thong panties. She moves her hips around, trying to look as horny as she is feeling! Chloe says she is quite happy if we wank, too. She turns back to the face camera and sits up on the dressing table, lifting the dress up around her waist, and then up higher to expose her matching red satin bra. She is teasing and talking dirty to us. She takes the blue dress off over her head to "get it out of the way". She is now clad in only her bra, panties, stockings and high heels. She kneels on the stool, with her backside to the camera to show off her ass again. She unfastens her bra, continuing to tease us and "make us wait". After applying some lipstick so she can leave a ring "around your cock", she turns around, revealing her breasts. She sits on the stool, finger rubbing her pussy through her sexy panties. She then peels off the panties as she continues to narrate a little fantasy for us. She sits on the stool, finger rubbing her pussy and licking her fingers. She smears her saliva all over her lips and clitoris. Still narrating her desires, she fires up the magic wand, spreading her large pussy lips wide apart as she places the toy on her clit. Chloe instantly enjoys the powerful wand, softly moaning as she rubs the toy up and down, up and down. She decides to turn the toy onto high power. Instantly, she is moaning and panting - tossing her head back. She rides the wand, getting ready to cum, saying, "Oh, fuck!" and then there's a little power blip where the toy momentarily cuts out! She looks at the camera - very surprised! But it quickly comes back on so she can finish out this orgasm, softly moaning "Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck." She spreads her lips wide and turns off the toy, saying, "Look how big that clit is right now! Every time I cum, it's getting bigger." She touches her vagina, saying, "Look how wet that is in there!"

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