Femorg: Layla

Released at: August 21, 2009 by Femorg
  • Studio: Femorg
  • Duration: 00:49:00
  • Production year: 2007
  • Scene count: 4
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Meet Layla - she's a MILF new-cummer to femorg.com and we're glad she decided to have a few really nice orgasms for us! When we first meet Layla, she's in the bedroom wearing a blue and black bra and panty set. She seems just a little bit nervous and just a bit giggly as she enjoys the feel of her bosom in her hands. She removes her bra first, really her nice breasts. Then her panties come off, revealing her completely shaved pussy. Layla likes using small vibrators and she first reaches for the silver bullet vibrator - as the camera moves in a bit closer, I can't help but notice and comment on how "long" her labia are! Her pierced clit is very sensitive, too - just using the little silver vibe toy. Once she calms down a bit, Layla really starts to enjoy the toy and she holds one breast firmly in her hand. With just soft little moans, Layla's bottom begins to pucker - and then she moistens her toy in her mouth - that's when I noticed her tongue piercing and her little navel piercing, too. After just a few minutes, Layla works the toy in small circular motions on her clitoris and her large lips begin to part, just a little. Then, a little wetness begins to show and Layla lifts her head off the pillow as she cums. The camera angle is such that her face and upper body are completely visible in the frame, too. She seems to go on and on with the first orgasm, and then she cums again - with another nice set of very rhythmic contractions. She brings her free hand down and gently strokes her pussy lips. She is totally relaxed after this set of orgasms! The camera zooms in as she spreads her lips and rubs her clit with her fingers. Layla is relaxing on the cream leather sofa for the next scene while wearing a pink satin bra and panty set. I think the dog walks into the room for a moment as Layla is performing a little doggie-style strip tease! Layla doesn't mind, she just smiles and giggles a bit. Once the panties are removed, Layla is on all fours on the sofa enjoying the sensations of the little buzzy vibe between her legs. This is a nice camera angle, too, as we can see her face and body completely. I like the way Layla sort of turns her head to look at the camera each time before she cums - and this is a another really nice orgasm! There are lots of pre-contractions, but when she does orgasm, the big contractions are totally visible as her bottom puckers and moves. Then, similar to the first scene, Layla keeps the toy on her clit until she has another really nice, bottom-puckering orgasm. She likes to take her time and ride out her orgasm for a nice long time. She moans softly each time she cums. Layla doesn't remove the toy after her second orgasm, though, she keeps it on her clitoris until she cums again with another long series of contractions! She reaches her hand around to her bum for a light massage after all of those orgasms! Once again, there is a hint of wetness between her pussy lips, too. She smiles for the camera, demurely, then rises up for a little spread - she has a large tattoo on her back, too. Next Layla is in the bedroom, discarding a robe onto the floor as she lies back on the bed. She begins by rubbing her pussy and clitoris with just her fingers this time - first slowly and then with a bit more intention. There is either a dryer or some sort of "appliance noise" in the background. A little later there are some kitchen noises and chatting - all of which are just a bit annoying for me, but it doesn't seem to bother Layla in the least! The camera is roving in this scene - at times focusing intently on her face, chest and breasts and at times closely on her cooch. After some nice finger masturbation, Layla decides to reach for a little red vibrator - she does really seem to like the tiny vibes! Within just a few minutes of reaching for the vibe, Layla lets out a soft groan and then cums with a series of nice perineum "popping" contractions. She looks at the camera, too. And then goes for another nice orgasm! But two orgasms are not enough - Layla keeps the toy firmly in place on her clit and goes for one more real wow orgasm with lots of quick contractions! She says her clit is so sensitive after that, but she places the toy back onto her clitoris and manages to have yet another really big orgasm that seems to just go on and on for a long time. Layla gently massages and hold her now throbbing pussy and clitoris. I can hardly believe she could go for another one, but Layla places the little vibe back onto her clitoris and jiggles it very quickly on the top of her clitoris until she cums again! (And thankfully, for me, someone finally closes the bedroom door to cutout the background appliance noises!) Layla slightly adjusts the position of the toy, lightly fingers her pussy with her other hand until she is cumming yet again! Amazing! It's hard to believe, but Layla still hasn't cum enough! She continues to stimulate her clitoris for one more really nice, really popping orgasm - with just the mildest of moans. She little massages her pussy, then she smiles and giggles. Layla is wearing a pink opaque lingerie set while wanking on the stairs. The dog makes a very brief cameo appearance just before Layla pushes her panties to the side and reaches for her little silver buzzy vibe. Once again, I am a bit disturbed by a lot of background sound and noises, but Layla really doesn't get fazed! Layla just sits back and goes for it with the vibe on her clitoris until she cums - her calfs are taunt as she has her toes pointed and 'resting' on the balls of her feet. Layla seems to really enoy this one as she moans and pants just a bit more than 'usual' when she cums this time. It's long, intense and very visible orgasm - both her inner and outer folds and her perineum are contracting with this one! She lifts her head up and smiles at the camera before reaching her hand down to massage her pussy. She stands to tuck her lips back into her panties.

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