Femorg: Lola T "Sensitive Squirter"

Released at: May 20, 2014 by Femorg
  • Studio: Femorg
  • Duration: 00:49:00
  • Production year: 2014
  • Scene count: 5
  • Cast:
Lola T is a voluptuous, sultry, sexy 27 year-old brunette with lovely bean clit - and she's a "sensitive squirter" as her clit is extremely sensitive, and stimulating it makes her squirt! Lola likes to dance around as she strips for us. She owns four vibrators for personal use and says that the magic wand is her favorite. She also finds brunettes with big boobs a huge turn-on (she certainly loves herself). Lovely Lola T is showing off her best dance moves for us. She is wearing a short faded denim skirt, a red bare midriff top and high heels. She likes to gyrate for the camera and show off her very large breasts ... they are, after all, her favorite "assets"! Lola unbuttons her denim skirt, then lifts her shirt off over her head. She is wearing bright pink with orange polka-dots underwear. She turns her backside to the camera, shaking her booty. She takes off her bra, exposing her large, enhanced breasts. She then drops her panties to the floor and starts to finger massage her pussy. She sits back on the white leather sofa, now totally naked except for her high heels. She finger rubs up and down and all around on her clitoris, pulling back on the clit hood and exposing the little pink bean tip. She reaches for a pink rabbit style vibe, and turns it on low power to gently work on her clitoris. Her hips are rocking up and down with the toy. Lola T keeps pulling back on her mound and stroking her beany clitoris with the pink vibe. Her hips rock and occasionally she gasps and moans. Pressing and rocking, Lola's facial expressions intensify and she lets out a deep gasp. She enjoys a nice soft rolling orgasm as she pants and pants. She looks up at the camera, taking the toy off of her sensitive clitoris. Lola is back and lounging on the white leather sofa whilst wearing a pinky/peachy colored tight, curve-hugging dress. She stands up to perform her customary dancing strips tease once more. I think the moving is a good way for her to release her nervous energy. As her short dress rides up her thighs, her green thong panties are peeking out at us. She tosses her hair, then turns her round bottom to the camera. She turns back around to face us and lifts her dress off over her head. Her breasts are popping out from beneath the green and black bra! Clad in only her underwear, Lola continues to stand and dance for us as she unfastens her bra, exposing her large, enhanced, breasts to the camera once more. Next she slips off her panties to reveal her shaved pussy. It's not long until she lies back on the leather sofa, giving her clitoris a firm finger warm-up. She reaches for the magic wand, turning it on low power and working it on her breasts first. She traces the toy down her tummy and to her pussy, once more pulling back very firmly on her clit mound and exposing the tip. She circles gently with the toy, licking her lips. Her mouth opens, her legs quiver and her hips rock as she continues to work the tip of the toy lightly on her very exposed clitoris. She adjusts the position of the toy, gasping, and squirting as she cums. She quickly pulls the toy off, then puts it back on her pussy, and continues to cum and squirt again. She keeps the toy on low power and squirts once more. She takes the toy off her pussy, turning it to high power to run over her breasts as she recovers. Then she turns off the toy as the camera moves in for a close-up of her wet, swollen and red pussy. Lola is clad in faded denim shorts and a tight pink tank top. Once more, she performs her little dancing strip tease for us, showing off her ass and body for the camera, and tossing her hair. She takes the tank top off over her head and continues dancing in her animal print bra and jean shorts. She unfastens her shorts, letting them fall to the floor while she continues to move in front of the camera in a pair of matching g-string panties. Lola discards her bra to the floor. Dance, dance, revolution and the panties are peeled off, too. Lola sits back in a modern white ergo chair to prep her pussy this time. It's not long before Lola turns on the powerful magic wand and first stims her breasts with it. Her leg is hopping and she is licking her lips as she works that toy on her pussy and exposed clitoris. She slinks down in the chair and spreads her legs a bit wider. Her mouth opens. The sensation is strong and she can only keep the toy directly on her clit for a few seconds at a time. But, she puts the toy on her clitoris, lifting her legs off the floor, and scrunches her feet while very quickly enjoys an intense squirting orgasm. She takes the toy off her pussy, trailing it up to her breasts, relaxing and catching her breath. She turns off the magic wand, stroking her tummy and fondling her breasts. She places the toy on the floor as the camera moves in for a close-up of her pussy and the puddle on the floor between her feet. Lola is gyrating in the white living room for us once more wearing a pink strapless top with her large breasts trussed up, and red satin panties in view. She peels down the tight pink top, continuing to dance in her red bra and panty set. After a bit, Lola unfastens her bra, discards it to the floor and lifts her arms to expose her jubblies. She peels off her red panties, touching herself and swishing her legs and hips. Lola settles back on the white sofa, touching her pussy, her clitoris and labia. Next, Lola fires up her trusty white magic wand, slowly working it around on her pussy. Her mouth opens as she moves the toy over her clitoris. She pulls way back on her clit hood, exposing the tip of her clitoris to the powerful toy. She bucks and gasps. Then she hisses as she cums with a couple little dribbling squirts, too. She takes the toy away quickly. Her leg is hopping. She trails the toy up to her breasts, and then turns it off to stroke her body. Back in her short denim skirt and red tummy-exposing top, Lola T is gyrating and strutting her stuff in the living room for us once more. She undresses garment by garment for us, showing off that bright pink bra and panty set - you know the one with the orange polka dots, too :-) I think she must've been a dancer or stripper in her former life, because seriously this brunette cannot stay still. She just can't. She seems to enjoy shaking her nice body to some rhythm. Her undergarments are taken off, in a sexy dancing fashion, of course! Then Lola lies back on the reclining end of the white leather sofa. She warms up her clitoris with her fingers and hands. She fires up her magic wand being careful to keep the sensations only to the area where she can handle it! She pulls back on her mound, exposing her clitoris, then working the toy right on her clit. Her mouth opens. She continues the stimulation, then starts to cum and bucks her hips, hissing for a quick moment. The toy goes back, she continues to cum and a rivulet of wet pussy juices flows. She takes the toy away, and then goes back at it. She whimpers and squirts one more time, blowing some steam out of the side of her mouth. She massages her tummy and breasts with the toy. Her leg is hopping, hopping, hopping. She turns off the toy, fondles her breasts and admires herself. The camera moves in for a close-up of her pussy.

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