Femorg: Lori Rivers "Raw" 4

Released at: August 21, 2009 by Femorg
The ever popular, multi-orgasmic Lori Rivers is back again and cumming too many times to count in this new DVD. Lori is getting ready for a 'little bang' and we see her with a completely shaved pussy. She starts by teasing her pussy with her famous pink dildo. Not only does she enjoy licking her dildo and getting it ready to go, but she also sucks the cameraman's cock in the beginning of this scene. You can hear Lori's wetness build as she teases her pussy with the tip of the dildo just barely penetrating. After she warms up her pussy, getting it ready for 'both cocks', she lubes up and enjoys rubbing the dildo on her clit, as well as in and out of her pussy. There is no orgasm in this 'foreplay' scene, though. Next we see Lori lying down to expose her little airstrip patch, totally primed with lots of wet, white, gooey juices surrounding her pussy lips and the pink dildo. With her feet up and the big black vibe added for clitoral stimulation, we know Lori is ready to cum and cum, which she does rather quickly once the vibe works its magic. As soon as she removes the dildo after round one, you can see how soaked she is - she's just dripping with female ejaculate! Next, she inserts two fingers to orgasm yet again and once the contractions subside, the squirting really begins as she rubs her fingers rapidly over her clitoris. Then we get another batch of contractions, with just the vibe in place, as she cums over and over again. Then Lori inserts just one finger tickling the edge of her vagina with the vibe on her clit at full power for her to cum one more time. The next scene begins with Lori entering the room in very sexy lingerie and her pink dildo waiting for her in a special chair! As she lies down to make herself comfortable, her nipples are completely erect! She pulls her thong panties to the side as she rubs her clit and pussy with her fingers for a bit before she asks the cameraman to stuff his fingers inside of her, too. Of course, he does so willingly, even as she reaches for her vibe. She seems to get close, but decides to stop and go for the big pink dildo waiting for her on the chair. She licks and lubes the pink dildo before pushing her panties aside to hop on top of it. She literally bounces up and down on that dildo before deciding to stand up and remove her panties and straddle the dildo again, this time with her bottom facing the camera. There are some very interesting visuals of her large and dangly pussy lips in this one! She has very toned legs, too which we are able to fully appreciate from behind as she works and rides the pink dildo, often taking it all the way inside. After she decides she is ready to lay back down, we see her sucking and licking on the cameraman's cock one more time, which really seems to get her excited. However, the blowjob segment ends very abruptly as we cut to footage of Lori in mid orgasm and mid squirt next. She continues with the pink dildo and black vibe for yet another series of orgasms, some of which are clearly visible and some are obscured by the toys. With one high heel dangling and goose bumps forming, we see her dripping and cumming one more time! She asks the cameraman to fuck her with her toy, too. Next she is sitting up and leaning with her back against the wall, her legs are up and the pink dildo is in motion as the black vibe buzzes away. The cameraman then grabs hold of the dildo for her while she works the vibe and we see some serious close-up views of Lori cumming and squirting, one gush is just right around the edge of the dildo. To try to achieve a little more distance in the camera view, we see Lori rubbing her clit furiously with her hand trying to get one more orgasm, but I don't think she manages it. Next we see Lori sitting in a chair on the back porch with her skirt hiked up. Of course, she's not wearing any underwear either as she starts fingering her pussy while playing with her nice large pussy lips. She decides to take a little smoke break before she returns to the chair to drip some liquid from her drink over her pussy - just to 'cool it off'! Once she finds her rhythm with the dildo she lets us know that the dildo is 'hitting it good' and almost instantly we see loads of white girl-cum dripping from her! She enjoys just the dildo and her fingers with a nice, visible, squirty orgasm. She re-inserts the dildo and cums again! After she enjoys the wet and splashing, she reaches for her vibe and goes for one more session with the vibe and dildo in tandem as she finds her sweet spot one more time before trying to go for a real flood. She enjoys yet another orgasm with just her finger inserted before going for true flooding orgasm that little squirts out in unison with her orgasmic contractions. Amazingly, she is able to do it one more time, too! If you are a fan of the classic Lori Rivers style of squirting orgasms, then this DVD is a must have for your collection!

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