Fetish Habitat Volume 5 - Art Of The Squeeze

Released at: April 26, 2012 by Digital Alliance
In "The Art Of The Squeeze" from the Fetish Habitat series, you'll be treated to horny nymphs giving great happy endings. With most scenes shot POV style, you are put right in the action, so it feels like these hot babes are stroking and jerking YOUR cock! It's gonna be hard not to unleash your gooey load on the pretty fingers of these girls giving hot handies. Enjoy two tease and squeeze scenes set in the shower, and black gloved handjob with a warm reward, a risky business HJ out in the open at the beach, and a group HJ SoBe style where two couples enjoy a stroking and fucking foursome.

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Scene3: 00:21:54 - 00:48:15 (26:21)

Scene4: 00:48:16 - 00:53:34 (5:18)

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Scene6: 00:59:28 - 01:04:51 (5:23)