First Date Fuck And Facial

Released at: June 20, 2021 by Luna Sapphire
I just had a great first date with trans hottie JoJo Hunt. Back at my place, I cozy up to her on the couch and we start making out. We undress and caress each other's bodies, then I suck her huge dick. After I give her a blowjob, she eats my pussy and makes me moan. JoJo gets on top and fucks me hard in missionary with my legs in the air. She chokes me and holds down my wrists while pounding my pussy deeply. Then I sit on her big cock and ride her cowgirl while she grabs my ass. Finally JoJo fucks me in doggy style and gets aggressive with me. She spanks my ass and chokes me, pumping her cock fast and hard inside me. She finishes by jerking off onto my face and into my mouth, giving me a big facial.

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