First Time Amateur Orgasms With Lady Von Foxx

Released at: November 26, 2020 by Conor Coxxx Clips
Lady is chatting on the phone with her super slutty BFF Nikki about how she might be ready to lose her virginity to her super cute boyfriend Conor. She's so horny for him, especially since he has been so sweet and understanding, and now she wants him to be the first to pound her little pink princess. With her parents gone away at some church retreat, Lady begins to slowly finger herself to the thought of Conor's big cock finally making her cum. You want to take my orgasm virginity? Take it, its yours! But Lady is still nervous about cumming from a guy, so she attempts to resist having an orgasm, her erotic innocence taking over While Lady is still masturbating, Conor arrives a little early, watching silently from the doorway as his girlfriend brings herself to ecstasy while screaming his name. He then enters and Lady lets her boyfriend know that she is ready to take it to the next level. Conor pulls out his huge dick and Lady places her sweet lips on it so that she can suck him to full erection. The young couple then fucks vigorously in multiple positions from missionary to cow-girl to doggie and so on. The two are definitely making up for lost time as their fuck-fest intensifies more and more until Conor blows his hot cum all over Lady's sexy tight belly. First impressions are always best, especially when it comes to amateur orgasms!

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