First Time, The

Released at: September 6, 2018 by Peekarama
You'll never know how good 'something different' can be - until you try it! Mimi Morgan stars in this searing sexvid from 1978, playing the long-suffering wife of lazy layabout Joey Silvera. He refuses to look for work, so Mimi decides to help make ends meet by dabbling in porn videos. While shooting her first flick, she meets Jack Wright, a swinging lawyer who rents his house out as a hardcore set. Jack invites Mimi to a swing party, and she brings Joey along for some partner-swapping fun. But what's Mimi to do when she finds herself more attracted to Jack than to her own husband? The action builds to a shattering and surprising finale, as Mimi uncovers Joey's sordid secrets. A blistering blast from the past, 'My First Time' delivers the goods on each and every viewing!

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