Flower Power

Released at: August 10, 2014 by Joan Wise Productions
Young, athletic and cocky is newcomer Kenny and does he ever make a mistake as he picks on awesome Devon Tyler. Beautiful Devon is fierce, strong, and determined to punish her victim. The fighting lady's super strong legs and thighs engulf and squeeze the little jerk half to death, and he is in deep trouble as he struggles to just survive the beating. She loves punishing his vital areas, and now nude and looking hotter than hell, she yanks his battered head into her waiting pussy and extracts her revenge. No longer a tough guy, Kenny now pleads and cries for release, but the end is not yet here. The gorgeous tigress does a job of facesitting which must be seen as she sits full weight, front and rear, and pumps, grinds and rubs him into total oblivion.

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