Focus Group Frenzie

Released at: February 2, 2021 by Web Young
A moderator has brought together Melody Marks, Maya Kendrick, Morgan Rain, and Adria Rae into a focus group and introduces them to Adult Time. As the girls watch various clips that the moderator brings up, they gradually become more aroused-- excited about the offerings. In fact, they become so aroused that it isn't long before the girls focus on each other instead of the screen or the moderator! Hazel's mind is blown as Sabina, Morgan, and Ashlee all shows her the ropes of lesbian sex. She's the center of attention as she's fondled and eaten out while also tasting pussy herself for the first time as her friends take turns sitting on her face. Lily Larimar, Naomi Swann, Maya Kendrick, and Lily Glee play sardines! One person goes off to hide and then everyone else has to try and find that person. After a few moments, Lily L is found by Maya, who climbs into the closet. They are a bit flustered by their close proximity and can't help getting frisky as Maya pulls down Lily's top and kisses her perky tits. After another few moments, Naomi opens the closet door and finds them, but instead of interrupting Maya and Lily, she closes the closet door and dives right in, turning this hot duo into a steamy threesome.

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