Footloose & Featherbound #28

Released at: June 4, 2010 by California Star Productions
**Just for Fun Part 1 and 2** Mina and Natalie are two hot college coeds that just happen to be in the mood for some fun. Mina tells Natalie that she is going to attend a tickling party and wants her to tickle her in order to build up her tickling tolerances. Natalie happily obliges and it's not long before Mina decides to change her plans. Meanwhile Liam and Alice also decide to have a hot session of tickling fun. Fingers are used to tickle armpits, feet and shimmering wet pussies. Laughter abounds in these two storylines and you will delight in their pleasures... **Pool Table Tricks #2** Shortly after the bar closes, Liam, the owner, is feeling frisky and asks Alice how her pool abilities are progressing. Challenging her to a quick game it's not long before a tickling session ensues. Stripped, she is tickled furiously across all parts of her soft white skin. Tied across the pool table, he uses feathers and shot glasses which are laid upon her nipples and gently sucked. Her feet, tits, underarms, nostrils and pussy are tickled relentlessly. The chemistry is apparent, and if you enjoyed our first film "Pool Table Tricks #2" is bound to please you!

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