Forbidden Thai Sticks #2

Released at: May 28, 2010 by Third World Media
**2010 Urban X Award Winner Best Transexual Release ** Sticky Icky Thai Treats! One of Thailand's most well hidden secrets resides between the legs of the country's beautiful Ladyboys. These long slim shafts spew up some sweet Thai spunk, that tourists from around the world enjoy sampling the delicious taste of.... Suzie is tall and very sexy with long hair and very long legs too. Her super model figure is stuffed into a tight white polka dot dress while her white fish net stockings stretch to cover the span of her very long legs. Her tits are large and plump, as is her plump Thai hot dog which puffs with excitement. It curves hard to the left as it stiffens while she sucks her customer's significantly smaller wang. She uses her big boobs and cleavage to pleasure his cock, before the two connect and join us at each other's cock tip, swapping some pre-cum dribble around just for good measure. They use each other's foreskin sheaths to swallow up the other's shaft, before her customer is given a bareback stab at her soft anus. She sucks his cock in and out of her shit hole as her own fat rocket stands straight up and ready for launch. Her fleshy ball bag tightens as she gets a round at his skinny shitter. She long strokes him as he grunts like a pig, while every last inch of her solid right hook splits him in two. He lays her back down and works her blown out butt over a bit more, before pulling out and cum coating her hairless ball sack. She uses his cum as the lube she needs to whack off a slightly watery one on her flat abs. The two rub cocks and then shower to wash each other's cum globs away. Maya is dark skinned with dark hair and dark eyes too. She is tiny with a very tight body, featuring smaller all natural puffy hormonal boobs, a tiny yet perfectly shaped ass and a hairless Thai ding-dong that throbs as she sucks up the stiff wang we offer her. She strokes as she sucks and then rubs her cock against his to sharpen her sword. He stretches her foreskin out, before she takes a seat on his hog, working her butt cheeks loose and riding him like she's starring in a Thai rodeo. She splits his legs Thai turkey style and crams his bung with her skinny yet stiff stick. She strokes it hard while he plugs away, offloading a thick batch on her chocolate brown nut sack as she simultaneously sprays a watery one across her own mid-section. They rub their cum-glazed cocks together before showering and washing all the sticky icky away. Nadia is a dark skinned Thai stick with a skinny body and a baby face. She has a full rack with perky nipple tips. She enters a room with 2 guys waiting for her. One strips her naked, sucking her tits and exposing her stiff, foreskin coated Thai sausage. She uses her pierced tongue to suck the cock of the other guy, while using her boobs to make nice to his penis too. He bends her over and proceeds to bareback poke her soft and slim bottom. Her ball bag stiffens and her skinny stick straightens, as he pounds away at her from behind. He flips her around and after sucking some pre-jizz from her cock tip, continues by peeling open her banana and using the skin to wrap his own cock up with. She hops on top of him in cowgirl and rides his meat, as her spit-shined stuffy bounces in rhythm with every pump he gives her. The bed shakes and rattles as he winds her up for the finale; a hand-tossed sticky one strewn across her flat abs, as he sprays a thick one that coats her cock and nuts too. The two jump in the shower and use a little warm water to flush away the goop. Lisa has long hair, long legs and a big head. She also has a set of big tits and a long skinny shaft to match. Her long shaggy Thai pubes cover the base of her stiff stick, which her customer enjoys licking up and down. He uses his own cock to rub, tease and poke at hers, before exposing her tip from behind its thick foreskin curtains and cramming the head of his dong straight inside. He splits her shitter and long poles her asshole, while her meaty ball bag and Thai schwantz bounce around with erotic excitement. She works his ass chamber over well, before they switch back and she fills her own belly button full of thick white, sticky and very potent Thai tranny cum. Her ripe banana stays stiff as her man pulls out and coats her big balls and hairy satchel with a healthy load of cum juice. They hot tail it to the shower to clean things up fast...

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