Foxy Pillow Fights

Released at: April 5, 2017 by Mr. Skin
Pillows can be light as a feather but they can really pack a wallop, especially when the combatants are in the nude, baring their pillows, silken purse and seat meat in the process. If you like watching women get frisky with pillows, check out this playlist full of foxy babes laying the smack down with pillows. **Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison** bring the full frontal fun while Bridget Marquardt bares her booty in The Girls Next Door, **Rigel Suicide, Marianne Suicide, and Radeo Suicide** get all points nude in SuicideGirls: Guide to Living, **Amanda Logue** leads the gals with a full nude show in Road Trip: Beer Pong, **Elena Anaya** and **Natasha Yarovenko** go completely nude and explore highway 69 in Room in Rome, **Cheryl Dempsey** is completely naked and pillow fighting with an equally-as-nude chick in Fanny Hill, **Mindy Robinson, Sam Aotaki, Jacquelina Cardinale, and Nina Kate** have a fun fight, but Nina is the only one that loses her bra in Alpha House, **Jennifer Burton** puts on a T&A performance with another chick in Call Girl, **Mary Carey and Juliette Clarke** have a topless tussle in Pervert!, **Jasmine Trinca** has sex and then shows off her suck sacks in Il grande sogno, **Rachael Ann Bennett** shucks her shirt and gets topless in The Janitor, **Juliette Cummins** loses her top to make a pillow fight more wild in Slumber Party Massacre II, **Anna Semenovich and Evelina Bledans** go from the mud to the tub, baring boobs in the process in Gitler kaput!, **Rena Riffel** shares a look at her boobs in the bathtub in Showgirls 2: Penny's from Heaven, **Heidi Kozak** gets topless while fighting with a fake-looking chicken chick in Slumber Party Massacre II, **Céline Lomez** is all boobs in slow-mo in Snowballin', **Zoe Hunter** Lee teases left racklet in Kottentail, and **Caroline Laurence** leads a gaggle of topless chicks in an enthusiastic pillow battle in Marche pas sur mes lacets. Who knew pillow fights could all be this sexy?

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