Freaky Bitch Anal

Released at: July 10, 2014 by Alexis Golden Productions
Description: You have to see this to believe it. Get your heart checked before watching this movie. This movie is from the weekend that we partied with Porn Stars Mila and Alyssa Allure. My guys wanted to see if a "real" xxx star could handle them. So, I got in touch with THE most outrageous porn star there was at the time, Mila. I invited her to come and fuck and she accepted. They weren't even supposed to film this first day but Mila made my hubby Dave call some guys into fuck her. She is so Very nasty, I mean FILTHY nasty. She is a VERY bad girl. In the first part, she starts off by masturbating with a big fucking toy, then squirts like a water fountain all over the bed. Awesome close ups in this movie of big fat dicks going in and out of her open holes. You get some amazing shots of her blown up asshole. Wait till you see her ass do it's tricks. It's like a Atomic Bomb Mushroom Cloud exploding. NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!!!! You will see the foul mouthed blonde match up with my "regular" guys, the same ones you've seen with me . Mila will do lots of DP, two in her pussy, deep anal, spitting cum out of her mouth, spitting cum at the camera and more. You also get NEVER before seen footage of my husband Dave jumping in and Fucking Mila's nasty slut friend, Alyssa Allure. Dave makes her lick his dirty asshole and them fills her mouth with his load of cum. The freaky bitch spits the cum back out at Dave too! Mila SQUIRTS her pussy juice everywhere. The guys slept in the room and turned the mattress over after she left, but it was wet on the other side too! The nastiest part is definitely the following: Mila takes a cum shot in her ass from one of the Black guys, then squirts the cum from her used asshole into her hand and drips the cum from her hand into her mouth and eats the cum. This is what happens when REAL Swingers meet Porn Stars. Unedited and RAW nasty fucking!

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