Free Massage 36 - Granddaughter

Released at: September 12, 2018 by Desert Wind Studios
The old guy has a reputation in tricking naive girls and women into thinking they are getting a free massage from a young female massage student. Instead they get an old guy who is not even a student of any kind. The old man has sunk to a new low this time. He convinced his eighteen year old granddaughter who was visiting him to get a massage and let him film it for his massage school lesson he had to submit to graduate. He started out with her fully dressed (because after, it was his granddaughter) but soon has her as naked as she was born. He gets his fingers inside her pussy and she can not help herself, she starts to enjoy it a lot. He really works on oiling up her eighteen year old tits, my god she has beautiful tits for a young girl. He brings out a cute pink vibrator and goes to work on her pussy. Oh, she loves the vibrator and has a hot climax. Later they are sitting on the couch and grandpa is having second thoughts on what just happen with little Cara May. She does not seem to have any problems with what just happened and can not leave grandpa alone. He is weak and so gives in to her advances. She can not wait to get between his legs and suck on his cock. She does not even mind that his cock is kind of soft and small, she loves it anyway. He oils up her ass for a little asscheek fucking but decides he wants to cum in her mouth. So back to work she goes, sucking on his cock. He shoots a tiny load of hot cum in her mouth, (hey he is 86 years old, give him a break.) They have a hot little kissing session after he cums. She is his favorite granddaughter.

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