Free Massage 37 - Lil Lux

Released at: October 19, 2018 by Desert Wind Studios
Another unsuspecting girl coming in for a free massage expecting a young female massage student but is met my an old guy who is not a student of any kind. While waiting for the female student to arrive he starts the massage, keeping the girl fully clothed. That does not last long. He soon has this ebony cutie naked and he is playing with her pussy. They are both surprised when she has a BIG squirt as she cums. Later, the old guy and his new ebony best friend are on the couch and having a great kissing session. He does love those ebony girls and they don't seem to mind his small, soft cock, if fact they seem to love it. After getting her naked and sucking on his cock and balls he bends her over the couch and starts asscheek fucking her hot ass. It does not take long for the old man to squirt some hot cum on her ass.

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