French Open Part Deux

Released at: August 13, 2014 by Paradise Visuals
A rare gem from Stuart Canterbury that was almost lost forever, we have found one of the last remaining copies and make it available her for the first time on VOD. Stuart Canterbury and Paradise Visuals present the further adventures of the horniest millionaire in the world. Just think - to satisfy his craving for cooze- he's sending you all over the globe in search of the wildest- sexiest- horniest chicks that ever lived! Think you can handle fucking them? We thought so. French Open Deux. Just say oui! Featuring Stephanie Duvalle, Marine Carterm Angelique, Melanie Moore, P.J. Sparxx, Rachel Levine and Sahara Sands!

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Scene4: 00:25:37 - 00:48:13 (22:36)

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