French Sex Delights (English)

Released at: June 3, 2015 by Alpha-France
They were no longer patient and nurse standing face to face, but two beings that desired each other to death. Every evening, Catherine, played by a phenomenal and stunning Dawn Cumming, breaks away from her monotonous everyday routine to delve into a world of limitless sexual delight, which she fabricates from start to finish and where she stars as the very perverted heroine. A truly exciting small wonder from the golden age of France's Cinema X era, this film received great acclaim by a crowd of enthusiastic spectators when it debuted on January 12, 1977 in Alpha -France cinemas! **This title is a previously released item** **This title ships on a DVD-R format disc. Please note, some DVD players may not be able to play this format. Please make sure your DVD player is compatible with this format before purchasing this title.**

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