Fresh Flesh 2

Released at: September 12, 2000 by OGV
It's time for more **Fresh Flesh** with Vince and the gang. First up is **Xtacee**, a hot, little 19-year-old black girl who is more than willing to give it up for Vince. Next up are two new guys who say they've got what it takes to fuck the shit out of Eve, the XXX world's newest Hungarian sensation. She also happens to be all of 19, but her relative inexperience doesn't make her any less enthusiastic about taking cock right up her ass and cream all over her face! Vinnie's Quick Tease presents yet another 19-year-old, **Amy**, who came all the way from Australia. She loves going down (under) on camera, and she swallows! From London comes **Osama**, still another 19-year-old. She says she likes her men well-hung, and she gets what she craves - in the laundry room. Remember **Melanie** the office temp? Well she's ready for full-on action - even anal - and she takes Vince's action like a pro.

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