Fresh Off The Boat

Released at: December 30, 2008 by Third World Media
Coming to the USA was a dream for the very hot young immigrants in Fresh Off the Boat. They came from different countries- the Philippines, Japan, China and Honduras. But what they all share in common is a strong desire to do whatever it takes to ensure their legal status and hold onto their green cards. Cover Girl Myla is fresh from the Philippines and cute as a button. She has the ultimate price to pay for her legal status, as Dick James, with his monster black cock, starts her on the fast-track through the immigration process. She strips down and teases solo before wrapping her little lips around the biggest black monster she has ever seen. Her tiny hairless hole is stretched to its limits as her quest for citizenship drives her to a point of no return. His **cock is so big** and she is so small that you can see it protruding from her tight stomach. She laughs, giggles and rubs her pussy hard, as all 11 inches of his black pipe drill her tiny hole out. He bends her over and pounds her pussy from behind before laying her out for a few more strokes and a big "Welcome to the USA" cumload in her mouth. Not a drop of this precious resource is wasted, as she licks it all up and rubs the rest into her soft skin. She is interviewed and cannot believe how well she handled her first **huge black American cock**. Emy is 21 years old and from Honduras. She is very tan and very sexy with dark hair and the most innocent of smiles. Emy has agreed to do whatever it takes to become a model US citizen. A tasty white gringo cock will do the trick, as she absolutely devours it and sucks it like there is absolutely no turning back to her motherland. She wastes little time pointing her wet and willing hole to the north, letting our American inspector perform his medical evaluation from her insides out. Her pussy puffs up nicely and her foul mouth has quickly mastered the four letter English language. Her tight Latin booty is in overdrive, as she rides his pole in double time. She pulls his cock out of her own hole, offering up a deep lick and sucking it clean in order to earn some extra brownie points. This girl is one of the horniest immigrants this country has ever seen, not to mention one of the nastiest, as he pulls out and cums all over her over freshly inflated, Americanized fuck hole. Amai is a Chinese chick who made her way to NJ to spend some quality time learning how to become a bitchy American cunt. She has succeeded, as the nasty smirk on her face demonstrates. All that aside, she still has a Chinese baby face, braces, 90 pound skinny frame and she is barely 18 years old. Being Asian, this girl is minimally smart enough to understand the need to assimilate in this country. She rubs her tiny tits and sucks her own thumb, before swapping it out for a meaty piece of cock. She works the tip of his shaft over the best she can, before hopping her skinny frame on his white meat and taking a wild ride. This girl is going to learn to respect this country whether she likes it or not, and our guy is making her pay a hefty price for her admission. **He rams her skinny hole, taking time to make her suck it clean straight out of her own fuck box.** Her torn up hairless hole turns a shade of redish pink, as it secretes more fragrant Chinese aroma throughout the room. He continues to tear her hole up beyond recognition, eventually pulling out and creaming all over her bitchy smirk face. Junko from Japan tells us how much she "Ruvs" America. If the length of her erect nipple tips is any indication of her satisfaction with this country, she is really loving life in the USA. She already got her implants, just like an American girl and maintains her pussy hair in much more of an American style than her Japanese counterparts. Her nipples are not the only thing stimulated on this girl, as the slightest touch of her pussy sends her into wild ecstasy. Her moans of pleasure sound like cries of the wild and her pussy has retained much of its thick Japanese sap to secrete. She puts her favorite Japanese vibrator to the test, warming up her pussy for a quick USA makeover. She sucks cock and uses her pointy nipple tips to stimulate his cock even more. She screams and moans as her very first hard American sausage slips inside her warm oven. She begs for more and pledges her allegiance to American meat forever. She has heard that a hotdog and a shake were the American way and today she goes full blood Americana, celebrating with a creamy vanilla malt from an albino hotdog on her oversized tootsie roll tips. Welcome to the USA baby!

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